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Special project, customized order

White Wedding Altar

Your project

Step no. 1: Define your need and the time required to complete the creation

Please provide a summary of your project:

- What do you need ? Ex. evening dress, tuxedo, costume, special gown, etc.

- What is the type of event?

- On what date will the event take place, if applicable?

- If you have sketches, themes, colors, etc. that you would like to share to help me visualize your project, I'm all eyes and ears! :)

Step no. 2: Plan delivery time

Please provide me with your contact information so that the delivery time can be considered in the quote that will be presented to you:

- Your full mailing address

- Your telephone number

- Your email address

Your contact details

Delivery Service
Information on how to take measurements of your pet

Your pet's measurements

Step no. 3: Know my client

- Please send me your pet's measurements as shown in the picture  on the left (ABCDE)


- Please send me photos so that I can assess whether additional measurements will be required (I always look forward to seeing pictures of their cute little face, I also like to see them from the side and from the front, standing).

Conception phase

Step no. 4: What the process involves

-Choose the fabrics and materials needed for the confection

- Proceed with invoicing, which is a commitment of the following steps

-  Shop for what is missing - eg. fabrics, ribbons, buttons, etc. (I provide you with an overview of the delay and the additional costs according to my suppliers (Canadian vs imports that may be necessary depending on the project)

- Develop a sewing pattern for your animal according to the particularities of your project

-Proceed with the cutting and the realization of the concept.

-Submit photos so you can see the evolution and the final creation.

Scissor and Ruler
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